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Ameriwiki is a wiki created in its original iteration by George Fitzgerald in June 2011. It was launched on the wiki farm Wikkii, and had the goal of being the conservative wiki of choice. was bought deceitfully by Fergus Mason, under the alias SamCoulter, who also goes under names such as VoiceOf"Truth" and others. Fitzgerald and other conservative users were banned because they disagreed with Fergus' politics. Conservatism Wiki was created in response to Ameriwiki, but ultimately failed as did the first iteration of RealWiki.

This second iteration of RealWiki has been created out of the circumstances, and will serve to be everything Ameriwiki failed to be due to liberal brownosers, and exceed anything the first RealWiki could have done. This site will finish what the late Fitzgerald's Ameriwiki started. Two former Ameriwiki editors are already on board.